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Monki Tox

Indian Parenting Hub

Audio Stories | Sleep Music

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Exposing children to Indian culture and values through the art of Storytelling

Worried about your kid’s screen time?

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Founders message

Divya Arun, Founder

I was born in India, live in Europe and study Masters in Engineering Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. I have 30 years of public speaking experience and very passionate about passing on positivity to my audience. Monki Tox is my humble attempt in taking the Indian culture to children so that its rich values will be passed to the future generations.

Nandha, Co-founder

As a parent who embraced the challenge of limiting phone use for our kids to absolute zero, effectively engaging them proved to be quite challenging. Discovering the power of story time significantly eased our parenting journey. Inspired by this, and leveraging my expertise in crafting various software products, we decided to embark on the Monki Tox journey. Why not share this positive experience with the world?

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Our Team


Founder, Orator Story teller



App Development


Content Admin


Story Teller

Sound Engineer


Sound Engineer

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Our MoTto

Our storytellers are stay-at-home moms and have received training in content creation and story narration. Monki Tox serves as the platform through which they share stories that were once exclusively for their own children with a global audience this initiative empowers women throughout India by providing them the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, we engage with seniors, documenting tales unique to their generation, thereby bringing joy to their lives.

Priya Ganapathi

Telugu, Hindi



Afrin Banu

Marketing Specialist

Karthika Kashyap


Priya Senthil

Tamil, English

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Monki Tox begins its operations by gathering folktales, poems, historical accounts of cultural sites, and narratives from the rich epics of Indian culture. Following a meticulous filtering process that excludes violence, patriarchy, and other irrelevant segments, the content is documented in English for easy translation during scaling to other languages. The content is crafted to be highly interactive, with episodes structured to include questions and discussions at the conclusion of each story. This approach enhances listening skills, engagement, and brain development in an enjoyable and educational manner.


The team actively seeks stories by not only exploring existing epics and sculptures but also engaging with elderly individuals, particularly in rural areas, who serve as valuable repositories of folktales. The aim is to document and preserve these narratives. Through conversations with seniors, we capture tales exclusive to their generation, bringing joy to their lives. They willingly share their experiences, hopeful that the stories will be preserved and passed on to future generations.

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Our Grandmas are living libraries and we make sure we write the history right

Indian Architecture speaks for itself and we have so much information to get from it.

Dance / Arts form tells us the historical period or place of origin.

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Read the reviews

Quotation Mark

My son has learnt a lot of Kannada rhymes, thanks to Monki Tox. This is a great attempt.


(Mom of 7 year old)

Quotation Mark

My daughter loves it (Monki Tox radio) a lot. We both usually listen before we go to bed.. Awesome actually. Worth spending time.Add more stories in Tamil.

-Merlin Maria

(Mom of 6 year old)

Quotation Mark

Dasavatharam is my favourite story. Please share the stories of the other avatharas soon.


(Mom of 5 year old)

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