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Once Upon a Time

Story telling competition - 2024

Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on a magical journey through the world of storytelling! We are thrilled to announce our event for kids aged between 2-8 Years: "Once Upon a Time: Stories from Young Minds" - a storytelling competition designed especially for kids to showcase their imagination and storytelling skills.

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Prize Pool of

INR 15,000

  • Pick up a story in any language from our Monki Tox App
  • Record a reel of your kid narrating the story
  • Share it on Instagram tagging us @monki.tox
  • Share with your friends to get maximum likes

Assessment Criteria

  • 2 Categories - Will have separate winners:
    • 2-4 Years
    • 4-8 Years

  • Weightage:
    • Narration - 40 Pts
    • Expression - 15 Pts
    • Number of Likes - 40 Pts
    • Costume - 5 Pts

  • 1 Winner, 1 Runner up and multiple category awards


  • The story should be one of the Stories available on Monki Tox
  • You need to post them as a reel on Instagram using the template that we share
  • You have to tag us on Instagram so we can enroll you on the competition
  • Judge's decision is final
  • Last date - 15th May

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